What is Patti Lupone’s real name?


ALL the awards, Mr. Colfer.

What did you leave out for Santa? (x)

They’re fun to twirl and it’s the only time I feel like a badass.


Nelli Zhiganshina and Alexander Gazsi of Germany skate to Chris Colfer’s version of ‘Le Jazz Hot’ in the Team Figure Skating Pairs’ Free Skate, Sochi 2014 (8th Feb 2014)


Can we talk about the amazing acting job Chris Colfer did in the proposal scene?

I could watch it again and again for his face alone.

It is such a mixture of excitement and fear. It’s like Kurt was still so torn.

And then he nods and it’s like he resolved every question in his mind. The fear disappears.

It was such amazing acting. Proof of why Chris Colfer and Kurt Hummel needs to be showcased more on Glee.