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"He loves you too you know? It’s obvious. He wouldn’t want you blaming yourself because there was nothing you could have done. He will wake up, and then you better tell him how much he means to you or I will kick your ass… okay well I probably won’t be able to but I will have Allison stick you with some wolfsbane bullets, got it?"

"Got it."

AU: Derek has known that Stiles was his mate since the first time he had met the other boy but kept it to himself for obvious reasons. Derek feels when Stiles gets into a wreck and refuses to leave his side once he is in the hospital leading everyone to question how he knew Stiles was even hurt and why it is effecting him so much.


I can totally see this being a mating!AU. Derek has to pick a mate and he’s being pestered by his family, and it’s just getting on his nerves. He’s shown to the high school with all the legitable mates and has to sit through meetings and conversations with them that he has no interest in. Scott is one of them and Stiles, who’s not put himself up for the running this year, through personal choice, is standing by the door for moral support. But of course, with his luck, the door wasn’t shut properly and he stumbled into the room. Through fumbling and awkwardness and remarks that only appear when the adderall is wearing off, Derek makes his decision.

“I want him,” Derek announced and pointed towards the unexpected teen.

Wide eyed, Stiles pointed at himself. “Me?”

“Uh, Mr Hale, but h-he’s not on the list,” the headmaster stammered.

“I don’t care. I want him.”

au: derek is stiles’ emotional tether.
au (part two of this): stiles manifests himself into derek’s past in his search for the nemeton.

AU: There’s a new teacher at Beacon Hills High School. 


My artwork “Metabolism” express “Sun, Plants, Water, and Ground” and also “Sleeping, Waking, Awakening, and Death”

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Sterek AU: Stiles is a famous youtuber who is finally dating Derek Hale.

Sterek AU: Stiles is a famous youtuber who is finally dating Derek Hale.

Meet the grumpy cat!

“You guys know how I’ve been talking about Mr. Grumpycat for a while now? Well today you guys are going to get to meet him!” Stiles sneaks around the corner, keeping his footsteps as quiet as possible. He’s wearing sneakers, because everyone knows that that’s the best way to sneak. Hence the name ‘sneakers’. Although Stiles sometimes debates that, because in all the movies the sneakers always become squeakers and result in the person they’re trying to sneak up on, turning around.

“Here we go guys! Ready to meet him?” So when he steps forward once more, the gods that rule over fate decide to turn him into the next big goof. And also, it only seems fitting that he’s recording this on Youtube.

But either way, Stiles is still smiling because his boyfriend looks more like a cat than ever. Straight away his not-exactly turquoise eyes land on the camera. Stiles stills, because he likes this camera, he spent most of his earnings on the last twenty videos buying this camera. If Stiles were a mother, this camera would be his baby. And therefore his boyfriend looking as though he’s stuck between the flight or fight response is terrifying Stiles.

There’s a good chance Derek might smash his favorite baby to bits.

“Der!” Stiles quickly begins, zooming in the camera and angling it so it catches the light exactly right. He’s lucky there small-yet-amazing apartment has so many windows. “Meet the youtubers!”

Stiles resists the urge to call his fans the Stilinators, although most of them agree with his awesome name, he’d argued many times over it with Scott. Scott himself had been vital in getting his channel started. Therefor, of course Scott wanted to name Stiles’s fans the ‘Scottroyers’. Personally Stiles thinks that its a really bad play on the words ‘Scott’ and ‘Destroyers’ but when Scott flashed him that adorable puppy eyed look he couldn’t inform his best friend for years of that.

“You have five seconds to get that thing off my face,” Derek says, raising his brows in challenge. Stiles can’t help but zoom on those beautiful brows. Because they’re beautiful and if Stiles wants to highlight his boyfriends brows then he will.

The camera doesn’t lower however, Stiles simply switches the mode to what he had deemed the ‘hippy’ mode. He’d found it when messing around with the camera after he’d bought it. Derek’s face lights up in an array of different colors and Stiles quickly steps closer to Derek. “Come on,” Stiles says, a huge grin growing on his face. “Lighten up Der.”

“Stiles!” Derek hisses and once again looks like he wants to smash his camera. Stiles is about ready to hightail it into their bathroom and lock it. However, before he can react Derek is darting off.

He wants to laugh for a moment, because he’s just caught Derek running off like a scared gazelle on camera, along with the ‘hippy’ mode activated. Instead Stiles quickly licks his lips before racing after his boyfriend. “Der-Bear! Come back!” Stiles skirts around the couch, managing to catch a shot of Derek’s divine ass for his viewers. “We still have to do the Boyfriend Tag!”

Our Story

Stiles sets the camera safely on the tripod before sitting down next to Derek. They’d both had a busy day, Stiles had just gotten off work at his bakery and Derek only just finished the project he’d been commissioned. “So! Today we’re going to do the ‘Our Story’ tag. Now I know you guys loved seeing Der for the first time last vid-” Derek glared at Stiles, but he simply ignored his boyfriend in favor of wrapping his arm around Derek’s neck. “-So of course you get to meet him again!”

He quickly lifts his amber eyes to flit over his boyfriends face before looking back at the camera and leaning on his elbows. “We’re going to tell you about the first time we met. By that I mean I’m going to tell you about the first time we met, because grumpy here doesn’t like to talk.”

“He couldn’t take his eyes off me,” Derek cut in before Stiles could say anything.

Slowly Stiles turned, doing his best ‘oh please’ look he could muster. “Oh, really? Is that how you remember?”

Derek simply scratched his ear and nodded. “Stiles set his eyes on me and practically drooled until I asked for his number-” He turned and smirked at the camera. “-He would have dropped his phone had I not caught it.”

“With your amazing reflexes and skills,” Stiles allows. He was starting to smile, a really big ‘so bright you could see it from the moon’ smile.


“Argh! Save me Der! I’m drowning!” Stiles exclaimed as he started falling backwards. He wasn’t actually going to drown of course, but Derek relented anyway and leant forward to grab Stiles’s leg before he tipped completely backward. His shirt rode up slightly, revealing a teasing trail of skin before they were both seated once more.

Derek glares and promptly pulls Stiles to his chest protectively. “Don’t do that again.”

Stiles snorts, before bursting into a round of laughter. Derek glares as Stiles leans over him, hands resting on his boyfriends thighs. “He’s a grumpy cat!” Stiles exclaims happily to the camera.

He then proceeds to collapse with laughter, leaving Derek to lean over his back and move his hands to rest on Stiles’s shoulders. “Shut up!” He exclaims, and Stiles knows by the slightly breathy way that Derek talks that he’s smiling against his back.

“Never!” Stiles declares vehemently. The sound is muffled because his mouth is currently occupying a comfortable spot on his boyfriends leg. Stiles doesn’t care however, he will keep his mouth on any part of his boyfriend he chooses- even if it means his voice will be muffled.

Derek suddenly pokes Stiles in his side, sending the teen leaping into the air just before he’s pulled down again to participate in an all round war. Both participants are trying their best to take up the others space as much as possible. They must be breaking some kind of mathematical rule because somehow Stiles’s leg ends up under Derek’s arm but neither care as much as they should.

“Grumpy cat,” Stiles says with a glare.

“Shut up.”


They’re at their usual table at Ben’s Diner. Stiles, of course, is facing the window because obviously that’s the best place to be seated. If anyone tried to argue otherwise he might have to slap them and demand they leave the restaurant. Luckily enough Derek never tries to take Stiles’s seat. Of course it isn’t actually Stiles’s seat but he likes to think every window-facing seat has his name written on it in invisible ink.

“Guess who has your camera?” Derek suddenly asks just as Stiles had taken a sip from his bottle. Stiles rolls his eyes because obviously Derek is messing with his schedule. He uploads VLogs on tuesdays and thursdays, not on Saturdays. But either way he must smile for the camera, it’s a blood oath all Youtubers take.

Well at least he hopes all Youtubers take it, otherwise the guy who came around with the contract must have been some crazy phsychopath.

“Oh, I don’t know. Obi Wan?” Stiles digs, because he knows Derek still hasn’t watched Star Wars and will once again find the urge to want to watch it. Eventually Stiles is going to get his boyfriend to watch it. Maybe over a bowl of popcorn, and maybe whilst they’re naked in bed together.

Although the idea of having Yoda watch them naked in bed and- Well. It’s actually kind fo disturbing so nevermind.

“Stiles,” Derek rolls his eyes, but the camera is on Stiles’s face so the boy pointedly lifts his drink into the air as a toast. Although toasts are normally made with wine glasses, he’s sure his Stilinators won’t mind.

The teen then proceeds to burp the alphabet and by the end of it Derek is staring in stunned disbelief. Obviously because Stiles is a skilled wizard in the art of alphabet burping.

Either way, his skills are going to be edited out of the video, because Stiles always does the editing. Last time Derek tried to edit anything he’d used far too many templates and ended up making Stiles’s Youtube video look like a kids television re-run.

But then again, Stiles isn’t opposed to running a kids show, so maybe he will let Derek edit this video. “You do the crime, you pay the time,” Stiles says and then proceeds to finish off the rest of his water with one long gulp.

With a smirk Stiles realizes that Derek’s eyes had traced his throat.

Maybe Derek will be watching Star Wars sooner than Stiles thought.

Sourwolf thinks it’s funny to slap my friends

Scott, Stiles and Derek are hanging out at the warehouse where Derek crafts all his projects. Stiles is currently standing by his boyfriend’s side and handing him the tools when he asks for them. He doesn’t much like acting as a tool-giver normally, but when he’s working for Derek he’s more than happy to stand stock still.

“Pliers,” Derek asks as he holds out his hand.

Stiles grins and shifts around in the bag for a moment before handing the pliers over. “I gave you the seven inch of course, just how you like it.”

Derek rolls his eyes but to Stiles’s amusement he shifts his hand on the tool really slowly and Stiles licks his lips, blushing, because the whole thing is very-

“You guys are the cutest!”

Stiles head whips around, and slowly it dawns on him that Scott has managed to steal his camera and is now recording everything. “Shut up,” Derek drones before dropping the pliers and slapping Scott in the arm.

It smiles!!!

Stiles adjusts his grip on the camera, because his arms are -very manly and muscular- growing tired and he also is trying to get the right angle on his boyfriend’s face. Although, any angle on Derek Hale is the perfect angle so maybe he should stop worrying so much. “Alright, another fan asked what you do for a living. Besides catering to my every wish of course.”

“Stiles,” Derek warns but turns his attention to the camera. “I craft furniture and other items for my clients.”

Stiles beams, because Derek had made it too easy. “That’s right guys. Derek plays with his wood all day.” Derek is stunned and so Stiles moves along. “Next question. Anon asks what your thoughts are on me.”

Derek pauses, slowly his lips twitch into a very small smile. “I hate you, that’s all I have to say.”

Stiles pauses, watching as Derek’s looks pointedly at the ground. Slowly he leans forward, letting the camera’s focus fall to the ground as well. “I hate you too Der,” Stiles says with a fond smile and slowly pulls his boyfriend’s face closer.

Dedicated to fddotorg Happy birthday!